Sunday, December 18, 2011

I don't miss facebook

Oh who am I kidding? I can't lie to YOU. Well, I do and I don't miss it. Let me categorize and bullet point them so you can see the pros and cons of my decision and what I miss and don't miss.


  • stupid comments
  • stupid people
  • stupid pictures
  • stupid updates
  • stupid ads
  • stupid links
  • losing messages
  • checking my computer constantly
  • being late for everything
  • funny comments
  • funny conversations
  • funny people
  • funny pictures
  • funny updates
  • funny links
  • LSNB!
  • lol-ing
  • sharing funny stories with Mr. CEO

All in all I miss the interaction but I don't miss the pointlessness of it all. I HAVE started texting people more and sending out more emails though. I suppose that's ok, it's keeping private things private. OH! and I've stopped thinking in status updates. You know what I'm talking about. It's like having a translator in your brain that takes a situation you are experiencing and translates it into a cute/funny/witty status update.  That took a few days to go away. 

So that's an update from me. Still here.... still kicking.... just cleaning my house after months and months and months and months of neglect. So I may be scarce for a little while longer. But when I DO come back? You can bet your ass there will be a drink video involved. 


  1. Yesterday morning I had a Facebook exchange that prompted a huge "AHA." I spent 24 hours off of Twitter and Facebook, with very little email activity. It felt so good. I'm going to try letting the joy of not getting swept up in all of that guide me to a point where I'm only on here and there, and not thinking in status updates.

  2. Well, I certainly miss you on FB ;) Now you're making me get all gangster to stalk you. LOL. Kidding.

  3. Holy shit - I'm glad you're still on da blog. Loved the Christmas card! :) I lawl'ed. Miss you on facebook, but I get it. I have the same problem.