Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things I did when I wasn't on Facebook

  • ran 2 miles
  • showered, make up, hair, dressed
  • on time to appointment!
  • cleaned my 3 bathrooms
  • organized, sorted and purged 2 bathrooms (especially drawers and under the sink)
  • 3 loads of laundry. folded AND put away. 
  • washed comforters
  • made dinner, on time
  • watched a christmas movie with the kids
  • worked on arts and crafts project with kids, cleaned up afterward
  • did the dishes!
  • gave my kids a bath ON TIME
  • wrapped a birthday present, cleaned up afterward
I had so much energy today. Yeah I had urges. Crazy urges. I would walk over to my computer, wake it up, then remember. So I would walk away. I remember things that I was doing. I was able to keep my train of thought, and not blow up at the kids.  I was in a fantastic mood when Mr. CEO came home.  It was a GREAT day without FB. 

If I HAD been on Facebook.... if I'm being honest... I probably would have only accomplished the dishes, but there would have been a bunch left over that didn't fit because I waited so long.   =(


  1. Thats kind of amazing! I don't accomplish that much even without facebook!

  2. I went looking for you and you weren't there! Waaaaaah! But I absolutely relate. I will have to kick it soon, myself. Be strong, mama! ~TIF

  3. Homeschooling Vera completely cured my facebook addiction. She monopolizes my computer all day long :) Now I cannot even go near the computer until after dinner...then I am a bit obsessed ;)