Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogger Fodder

Note to self: when you have nothing to blog about do one of two things.

  1. Go to a HIGHLY public place, with MANY people
  2. Read the celebrity smut sites

I did the first, I took my niece and my kids to the Boardwalk yesterday. (In my town it has rides, carnival games, over priced food, blah blah blah)  WOW. The people watching is fantastic. I mean, Fantastic. That's right, with a capital F. It's like, you should make up an I Spy list before you go. "I Spy.... a neck tattoo!! I Spy.... a camel toe!! I Spy....a nip slip! People are just CA-RAZEE.  Then there was also lots of awkward teens and many different ethnicities, which I love, but only if it's multiple ethnicities. It's looses it's feel of "diversity" when it's just one other race.

So here is a tidbit from yesterday. (There would have been more but the long day just totally fried my brain and memory)

I took my son to the rock climbing wall. Yay! He was tall enough. I started looking around my wallet for the $5 and they said "OK, does he weigh at least 50lbs?"
Hmmmmm, that's an excellent question. So I said "do you have a scale?"
They said "no, but if he doesn't weigh 50lbs he won't be heavy enough to come down."
They don't have a scale? Seriously? All the other rides have a stick that says they have to be that tall. They can't have a scale and a sign that says "you must weigh this much to ride this ride"? Are they using a trial and error method here? Honor system? Are we supposed to know in advance of something we didn't know we needed to know? Should I have brought a doctors note? What if I lied? What if I thought he was 50lbs but really, he was only 48lbs. Would I be the one who would have to climb up there and retrieve him? Would it cost ME $5 to do it? What if I enjoyed it, then would they charge me? How could they be sure I weighed enough to get him? They didn't have a scale!

I left feeling stupider for having such an idiotic exchange with these kids. 

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  1. Oh geez! That's dumb! How are you supposed to know? Once they stop those check ups every couple months for babies...I doubt how you would always know!