Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ambien, Not for dessert

I took an Ambien last night before bed. It sort of reminded me of this one time I tried mushrooms in the fact that you sit there waiting for it to kick in. Once I started giggling at the things I was thinking Big Daddy says "you're wasted, it kicked in. Now stop laughing and go to bed".
So yes, I slept great. Unfortunately when I woke up there was no coffee. Apparently, Big Daddy thought he would leave me a super, awesome, passive aggressive hint that we were out of coffee. Like leaving the coffee maker out with the empty, open coffee canister sitting right next to it.

1) I hate passive aggressive ANYTHING
2) I ignore passive aggressive hints 100% of the time

Anyway, that wasn't even a hint. The only hint I got was that he needs to pick up after himself a little better. Slob. (that's funny because he is anal about cleanliness) ((I love using the word anal and referring to him in the same sentence. it just makes me giggle. Also, I can not say he is OCD because he was never diagnosed by a doctor. [that's a passive aggressive hint to those people]))

So it's noon, and I'm still in bed. I'm going to pick up a coffee on the way to the pool.
I love having self sufficient kids who can feed and entertain themselves. =)  Makes my job so much easier.

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