Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun Down Under Day 3

Good evening gorgeous reader. You look radiant today. Did you do something different with your hair? Did you lose weight? What ever it is it's working. Sign me up for whatever you're using.

We are wrapping up Day 3 and I'm resting comfortably in my hotel bed with a fantastic view of water and lights. maybe palm trees? Are those palm trees? Yes. They're palm trees. It's dark over here you know.

Today we started out early and explored the Hunter Valley Gardens.  So beautiful.

All the different gardens are themed.

This was the story book garden

Little Bo Peep

A mad hater tea party

.... and the dish ran away with the spoon.



Japanese garden. duh.

So then we left Hunter Valley because we had an hour and a half drive to Anna Bay. That's where the Stockton SAND DUNES ARE.


We drove out to the parking lot where this big red van was waiting. We all piled in and we went 4wd all over the dunes.

Then you grab a board such as this. They are all the same size. So no matter how big or small you are.... This is the board you get.

Then you have to climb UP the hill carrying your board. It doesn't seem that hard at first. But by the 8th time you're crying and calling for back up. It is an excellent fitness test, in that it is a test of how little fitness you've done.

Once you get to the top you hop on your board and slide down. Little people are very good at this as they fit entirely on the board. They also weigh very little so crashing isn't a big deal for them.

It is NOT easy. The bigger you are the harder it is. Please do not ask Greg. He may or may not have hurt his shoulder. I do have that video but I'm waiting to blackmail him with it.

Views from atop are fantastic.
Looking toward the ocean

Looking away from the ocean

Then the battery in my camera died. 
So then I switched to the phone. 

Because that happened. Flatty McFlaterson tire. 
There was a HOLE in the tire. I know how it happened but i'm not at liberty to discuss that without my lawyer present.

But when you've got a manly man like I do, it's not a problem. 
I highly recommend having a manly man around. They do all sorts of manly things. 
Except the flu. 

TA DA!!!! new tire!!!

Caution: Do not drive at speeds faster than 80km.

Once the tire was fixed we headed to this beach. The sand is UNBELIEVABLY soft. And pretty. It's such a pretty color. 

Then we stopped at this cafe to have lunch. You can see the dunes in this pic and the ocean. While eating we saw humpback whales migrating north for the winter. It was AMAZING. 

Then we got caught in a torrential downpour and headed out of there. 

Day 3 observations: they really do have kangaroo crossing signs, you're not allowed to take the coral from the beach, they also have koala crossing signs and wombat crossing signs which is pretty funny to see. 

One last thing. If you see my mom, give her a hug and tell her happy birthday. She turns 55 today (friday for you guys. the 20th)

We'll go golf when I get home. **hugs**

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