Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fun Down Under day 5

"walkabout" means "trail"

Oh dear reader... I'm so happy you're still here with me. It makes me feel better knowing that we are so close even though we are so far, far away.

I"m sure you're wondering what exciting and wonderful things we did today aren't you? Well I'm sorry to disappoint you. I truly, truly am.  Day 5 was fairly boring.  I had a goal in mind for today. I wanted to get to Brisbane. It is a big city with many fantastic things to see.  We didn't make it to Brisbane. But we got close.

We started our morning off in Port Macquarie. It is a wonderful little seaside town.

 We walked along the water and found TONS
of starfish!!

We also saw sea snails making their way back to the water.

Saw some good-looking dude and asked if  I could
take his photo.

He obliged.

She wanted us to take her picture with captain blackbeard and the mermaid. But when we took the picture she looked less than pleased.


I don't know about you guys, but when I pictured Australia I always imagined outback.  Dry, bushy, crocodiles. Also most of my imagery comes from "crocodile dundee".     Interestingly enough..... a lot of Australia is RAINFOREST. Friggin' rainforest man.  So tropical. So beachy. and all in the same place!!!

There are a lot of birds here. Wild birds. Birds you've never even seen in your life. They are EVERYWHERE.  It sounds like a god damn zoo here.  Wild parakeets! It's banana pants.

Also, McDonalds is HUGE here. HUGE.  And they love it here! LOVE!
They have another fast food place called "hungry jacks" it looks like burger king.

I went out to breakfast this morning and I got pancakes with bacon and eggs. They brought me my plate with two pancakes, two over medium eggs and bacon on top of the pancakes.  It was good . REALLY good. Coincidentally that's how my friend Melissa eats it. She's not Australian.

Driving, driving and more driving.

SUGAR CANE!!! We passed MASSIVE sugar cane fields.

                                                  See? A very boring day. We made it as far as the gold coast. 
Surfers Paradise Beach. 

BUT, we got to our hotel and we were on the 24th floor. The top floor. AMAZING VIEWS.  I'll share with you on tomorrows boring blog. 

Good night sweet, sweet reader. 
big hug, big kiss, little hug, little kiss

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