Saturday, April 27, 2013

The ABC's of drinking

The ABC's of drinking

A is for Absinthe
B is for Brewer
C is for Cognac
D is for Dewards

E is for Eggnog
F is for "FUUUUUUUCK!"
Not really a drink,
but you say it for luck.

G is for Gin
H is for Happy
your friends should be careful,
you tend to get slappy.

I is for ice
Can't drink without it
J is for J & B
K is for ____ no wait that starts with a c.

L is for liquor
M is for "MORE!"
N no I'm not drunk"
O  oooh shit you fell on the floor.

P is for Pisco
Q is for quarters
R is for rum
T is for texting. that doesn't rhyme
but you're too drunk to notice.

U is for ugly that's now a beauty queen
V is for vomit that everybody's seen
W is for wine, what else could it be?
X is for... something that is eluding me.

Y is for yodel on top of the bar
Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzzz, while we carry you to the car.

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