Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Categorize your friends!

I have an idea. 

You know how you can break your facebook friends down into  groups? There’s acquaintances, close friends, etc. Well i’ve devised a way to categorize my facebook friends. So here, in no particular order are the categories:

  1. friends who will help you move (see also “friends with trucks”)
  2. friends who will pick you up from the airport
  3. friends that will pay for dinner
  4. friends that always “forget” their wallet
  5. friends that give good birthday gifts
  6. friends that have guest rooms in their house
  7. friends that drink (see also “friends that like wine”)
  8. friends that don’t drink (see “friends that are boring”)
  9. friends that will go out on a friday night (see “single friends”)
  10. friends with kids
  11. friends worth inviting over
  12. friends that like wine
  13. friends i will never see in real life
  14. friends i only accepted a request because i felt obligated
  15. friends with convertibles
  16. friends with trucks
  17. friends that are fun (see also “Friends that like wine”)
  18. friends that are depressing (this is an empty column because much like a trash bin it needs to be cleaned out)
  19. why am I still friends with these friends (see above)
  20. exes (i’m stunned that people are actually fb friends with their exes)
  21. Under 18 crowd (hide all posts due to too many acronyms)
  22. funny friends (not to be confused with “fun friends” not all fun friends are funny)
  23. friends who post too many pics of their kids
  24. friends who don’t post enough pics of their kids (Annie)
  25. friends who only stir up trouble (see #18)
  26. friends who leaves embarrassing comments on every post that you must go back later and delete
  27. lurkers (you know who you are)
  28. friends that aren’t really friends, they’re coworkers that I purposely omit from every update so they think i’m boring and don’t post at all but I really I just don’t want them to see into my personal life. 

I think that pretty much narrows it down. 

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