Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Juice Fast

You know those people that read an article and then they believe it 100% without cross checking it? Or people that watch a documentary and decide they're going to change their life based on those 125 minutes they just saw? WE ARE THOSE PEOPLE. 

The first documentary was "Fat, sick and nearly dead". A great film. In a one word description: the guy goes on a juice fast, loses weight and regains his health. Mr. CEO called me up from out of town and said "I want to do this. Make it happen when I get home".  Now he wasn't going to be home for about a week. So I decided to start it early without him. I heard you can get pretty crabby while doing it, so to avoid divorce I went ahead and started the next day.  Starving yourself and drinking juice only is as fun as it sounds. By day two I was ready to throw in the towel. Day 3 I said "I need food not juice" but it was already too late. My body had somewhat adjusted and would not cooperate with food. I decided I would juice for breakfast and lunch while eating a sensible dinner. That worked! 

Mr. CEO came home and was ready to do this. So we did it. His will power is about a THOUSAND times stronger than mine. So he went a full NINE days. Juice only  3-4 times a day.  I was still doing it but eating actual food for dinner. Mostly salads and sauteed vegetables. I have a thing about wanting to eat my vegetables raw. 

The juice fast is not for everyone. It takes a huge amount of will power. Something I don't have much of but having a partner REALLY helped. Someone else that was relying on me to make the juice. After a few days we were able to work as a team. One person prepped the fruit, the other juiced it, the other cleaned the machine (by far the WORST part about juicing. You have to do it IMMEDIATELY afterward) 

Were there results? You betcha! Clear skin, waking up clear headed, loose clothing.... Totally worth it. It's nice to fall asleep when you close your eyes and then wake up before your alarm bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

This fast is not sustainable though. You can't stay on it for an extended period of time (despite what the guy says in the movie) but it did give us a great head start to our next phase which I will document later. I suggest a 3 day juice "cleanse" to anyone willing to try it. It's a great way to clean out your system, decrease your dependence and cravings for unhealthy food and to feel great. Want to start a new diet? Do a 3 day juice fast. It will make the diet feel like cheating. 

Mr. CEO and I call it a "reboot".  Which I think everyone can use from time to time. Not just our computers. 


  1. You guys are such a rad team (albeit starving one). The juicer cleaning is the worst part of a juice fast, I am certain. Freaking celery fibers are indestructible. But nothing is worse than the dried carrot particles...

  2. Definitely I am agree on the point that juice cleanse is not an easy task it needs great will power but I have done 7 day juice cleanse and I can tell you that I have got various health benefits of juice cleanse.I am feeling more energetic,fresh.